OXIDATION COMMUNICATIONS is the only scientific journal which, in its new form, is devoted to the global oxy-reduction
interactions proceeding in nature.

OXIDATION COMMUNICATIONS acts as an international focus for modern fundamental and technological research in this
rapidly developing field of science of exclusive importance for life.

The main topics and examples of specific areas of interest to the Journal are:
  gas-, liquid-, and solid-phase oxidation processes;
  the mechanism of action of inhibitors during the stabilisation of fuels, lubricating oils and greases, polymer materials and foodstuffs;
  oxidation reactions in the presence of homogeneous, heterogeneous, immobilised and enzymic catalytic systems;
  regulators of selective oxidation synthesis of valuable oxygen-containing compounds;
  biological and biochemical oxidation processes,medical image processing; neural networks and fuzzy logic techniques;
  photochemical oxy-reduction interactions;
  methods for prognosis and evaluation of performance terms or/and storage terms of the materials, as mentioned above in b);
  tribochemical interactions on metal and other surfaces in the presence of molecular oxygen or its activated species;
  methods for solar and chemical energy accumulation;
  studies on the nature of intermediates, generated in the course of oxidation;
  technological aspects of oxidation processes of special interest to the petrochemistry, pharmaceutics, food and agrochemical industries ,engineering application and information sciences; civil and mechanical engineering;
  ecologically friendly oxidative processes for the atmosphere, soils and water.
  ecologically friendly oxidative processes for the atmosphere, soils and water, environmental contaminants;
  educational problems of environmental protection associated with oxidation processes;
  European legislation related to oxy-reduction and synthesis processes; management.
The term 'oxidation' is interpreted widely, including both organic and inorganic compounds as oxidising agents during the oxidation
processes of organic and inorganic substrates.
The interdisciplinary nature of the Journal ensures appeal to direct exchange
of ideas and contributions
among academic and industrial scientists. The Journal is publishing refereed authoritative review articles,
papers covering original studies and also
short communications, including preliminary results of a particular interest.
Designed to: chemists, researchers in the field of physical chemistry, petrochemistry, organic synthesis, catalysis, molecular biology and
biochemistry, tribochemistry, polymer and engineering chemistry.

The Journal is covered and evaluated in Elsevier products - Reaxys and Scopus, SJR - SCImago Journal & Country Rank. The Journal is included in EBSCOhost: Academic Search Complete, Academic Search Ultimate, The Belt and Road Initiative Reference Source. The Journal is refereed in Chemical Abstract Services.