Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association is an International Journal edited by the Balkan Tribological
Association for rapid scientific and other information, covering all aspects of the processes included in overall
tribology, tribomechanics, tribochemistry and tribology.
Aims and Scope
The decision for editing and printing of the current journal was taken on Balkantrib'93, Sofia, October, 1993
during the Round Table discussion of the representatives of the Balkan countries: Bulgaria. Greece, Former
Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia. The Journal of the Balkan Tribological
Assosiation is dedicated to the fundamental and technological research of the third principle in nature - the contacts.
The j ournal will act as international focus for contacts between the specialists working in fundamental and practical
areas of tribology. The main topics and examples of the scientific areas of interest to the Journal are:
     a)  overall tribology;
     b)  tribotechnics and tribomechanics; friction, lubrication, abrasive wear, boundary lubrication, adhesion, cavitation,
corrosion, computer simulation, vibration phenomena, mechanical contacts in gaseous, liquid and solid phase, technological
tribological processes, coatings, etc.;
     c)  tribochemistry - defects in solid bodies, tribochemical emissions, triboluminescence, triboche-miluminescence,
technological tribochemistry; composite materials, polymeric materials in mechanics and tribology; special materials in
military and space technologies, etc.;
     d)  kinetics, thermodynamics and mechanism of tribochemical processes;
     e)  biotribology - biological tribology, tribophysiotherapy, tribological wear, biological tribotech-nology, etc.;
     f)  lubrication - solid, semi-liquid lubricants, additives for oils and lubricants, surface phenomena. wear in the presence
of lubricants; lubricity of fuels;
     g)  ecological tribology; the role of tribology in the sustainable development of technology:
     h)  management and organisation of the production; machinery breakdown; oil monitoring;
     i)   European legislation in the field of tribotechnics and lubricating oils;
     j)  educational problems in tribology, lubricating oils and fuels.

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