According to the decision of the International Board of BENA regarding JEPE, only BENA
members (at least one of the authors), from now on (2013), can submit papers for
publication to JEPE (He or she has to pay his/her BENA membership during the year of
his/her paper submission). All manuscripts must be addressed to to the
attention of Prof. F.Vosniakos - President of BENA. Only after we, the Executive
Editorial Board of the Journal in Bulgaria, receive from him the papers we
can register and proceed further with papers publication. For more information visit
the site of the Journal -

The language of the Journal is exclusively English. Contributions will be considered only
if they have not been previously published or been submitted elsewhere.
Authors are requested to submit manuscripts in duplicate, typewritten using double spacing
and ca. 60 characters per line and 30 lines per page. Receipt of a contribution for
consideration will be acknowledged immediately by the Editorial Office.
The acknowledgement will indicate the paper reference number assigned to the contribution.
Authors are particularly asked to quote this number on all subsequent correspondence.