Instruction to Authors

The language of the International Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association is exclusively English.
Contributions will be considered only if they have not been and are not to be published elsewhere.
The authors have to declare this fact in a separate accompanying letter.
Manuscripts must be submitted in triplicate, typewritten and double spaced with 50 letters per line and 25 lines per page.
Manuscripts in the electronic form .pdf are not accepted. Receipt of a contribution for consideration
will be acknowledged immediately by the Editorial Office. The acknowledgement will indicate the manuscript
reference number assigned to the contribution. Authors are particularly asked to quote this number on all
subsequent correspondence.The manuscripts are subject to preliminary evaluation by the Editorial Board,
and after selecting and receiving the referees’ content they are forwarded to the appointed referees.
The period for evaluation is one month. In case of negative report, the manuscripts are processed to other referees.
Starting from 2011, the authors can publish their manuscripts as rapid publication
(6 months after the receipt of the positive referees’ comments and revised version) after they pay a fee of 100 €.
This does not concern authors whose Universities and Organisations have a subscription to the Journal.
Part of the papers can be published in colours, in order to make it more understandable for the reader.
The additional payment is 75 € per printed page.
The publication fees mentioned above are applicable for the historically determined volume of the Journal – 800 pp per year. The publication of the papers in Special issues (over the historical volume) are a subject of additional agreements.  
The Editorial Board announces that from 01.07.2014 introduces obligatory a fee of 100 Euro per one research 
article in JBTA for authors, whose Institutions to which they belong, have no subscription to the Journal or their 
Tribological Associations have not paid the sponsorship fee, for the corresponding year. The introduction of this
payment is imposed by the financial difficulties of the Editorial Board enforced by the financial crisis.


The title page should include the title, authors and their affiliations, complete address to which correspondence should be sent.
There is included the running title and the key words according to the authors.

Abstract - must be on a separate page. It should not exceed 200 words and should give the subjects and
conclusions of the article and all results of general interest. The rest of the manuscript should be arranged in the following order:
- short summary of the background material including numbered reference.
- should include and clear remarks outlining the specific purpose of the work.
Experimental part
- should be sufficiently detailed (but concise) to permit exact reproducing of the work.
Results and Discussion
- should indicate the logic used for the interpretation of data without lengthy speculations.
Authors submitting material on purely theoretical problems or on a new experimental technique might include it in this part.
- short summary of the main achievements of the manuscripts.
- should be typed on a separate sheet and numbered, as well as listed in the order as first cited in the text.
They should be indicated by superscript Arabic numerical in the text.
Abbreviations of journal titled should follow the style used in
Chemical Abstracts.
Sequence and punctuation of references should be:

1. N. MANOLOV: Tribology. Nauka, Sofia, 1993.
A.GARCIA-LUIS, R.CREMER: Impact Resistance of Doped CrAIN PVD Coatings Correlated with Their Cutting Performance in Milling
Aerospace Alloys. J. Balkan Tibological Association,
14(3), 292, (2008).
3. M.B.KARAMIS, A.A.CERIT, F.NAIR: Failure and Damage Analyses of Al-7075 Matrix Composite
Reinforced with SiCp after Ballistic Impact. Oxid. Commun.,
32 (1), 130, (2009).
4. D.PETRISCU, N.N.ANTONESCU, M.NEACSU: Modulation of the Dynamic Processes at the Thermal Spraying
with High-speed Flame. Bulletin of the University “Petrol-Gas” – Ploesti,
LVII (3), Technical Series, Ploesti, 49, (2006).
Wear Behaviour of Ti6Al4V Alloy against Al2O3 under Linear Reciprocating
J. Balkan Tibological Association, 17 (1), 27, (2011).
- each bearing a brief title and typed on separate sheet, should be numbered
in Arabic numericals. The tables should be placed after the list of the Reference.
Figures and captions
- should be grouped together at the end of the manuscript with figures numbered
consecutively and captions typed on separate sheets. Figures (graphs) should be marked by
pencil the margin or at the back with the name of the first author and the running title.
The SI system of the units will be accepted without editorial change.
There are following limits for the respective papers:
short communication – 2 – p.p., full text article – 10 p.p. and review – 16 p.p.

Submission of manuscripts

Manuscripts should be sent to the following address:
Professor Slavi K. Ivanov, D.Sc.
SciBulCom Ltd., 7 Nezabravka Str., P.O.Box 249, 1113 Sofia

All manuscripts are subject to critical review and names of references will not be given to authors of papers they have refereed.
The manuscript sent back to the author for revision should be returned within 2 months in duplicate.
Otherwise it will be considered withdrawn. Revised manuscripts are generally sent back to original referees
for comments, unless (in case of minor revisions) the editors accept them without seeking further opinions.
Proofs should be corrected and returned as soon as possible because the paper will not be released
for printing without the author's proof.
The author receives one copy of the book where his paper is published free of charge.