Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association
ISNN   1310-4772
Year 2010
Book 1


Tribotechnics and tribomechanics
T. LAZOVIC, R. MITROVIC, M. RISTIVOJEVIC.    Influence of Internal Radial Clearance on the Ball Bearing Service Life ......1
K. H. ASLI, A. K. HAGHI, F. B. O. NAGIYEV.    A Numerical Study on Heat Transfer in Microtubes......9

Technological tribology
K. H. ASLI, F. B. NAGHIYEV, S. A. ALIYEV, A. K. HAGHI.     Physical and Numerical Modelling of Fluid Flow in Pipelines. A Computational Approach ......20

B. M. JEREMIC, M. J. BABIC, P. M. TODOROVIC, I. D. MACUZIC.     Coefficient of Dynamic Behaviour as Parameter for TiN Coating Condition Monitoring ......35

B. NEDELJKOVIC, M. BABIC, M. MUTAVDZIC, N. RATKOVIC, S. ALEKSANDROVIC, R. NIKOLIC,V. LAZIC.     Reparatory Hard Facing of the Rotational Device Knives for Terrain Levelling ......46
AL J. M. M. HABEEB, N. N. ANTONESCU.    Researches Concerning the Wear by Corrosion of the Furnaces Pipes of the Gasoline Hydrofining Units......58

Fractal analysis
G. V. KOZLOV, G. E. ZAIKOV.     A Reactive Medium Viscosity Change in Cross-linking Process of Epoxy Polymers ......66
G. V. KOZLOV, A. K. MIKITAEV, G. E. ZAIKOV.     Side Groups Influence on Polymers Limiting Mechanical Characteristics. Fractal Analysis......73

Technological tribochemistry
D. DRAGOMIR, M. COJOCARU, M. ALEXA, R. G. RIPEANU, A. C. DRUMEANU.     Nitriding Technologies Using Process Sensors in View of Obtaining of Resistant Layers against Corrosion and Wear......80

Tribochemistry of nano-particles
V. PETKOVA, V. YANEVA.    Phase Transformation of Mechanically Activated Nano-sized Tunisian Carbonate Substited Apatite. Part II ......88

Tribochemistry corrosion
AL J. M. M. HABEEB, N. N. ANTONESCU, M. G. PETRESCU, O. GEORGESCU.     Researches Concerning the Anticorrosive Protection of the Equipment at the Top of the Stripping Column of the Hydrofining Units ......101

Kinetics of tribochemical processes
G. E. ZAIKOV, M. I. ARTSIS.     Degradation of Polymers in Aggressive Media. Kinetic Approach......114

K. Z. GUMARGALIEVA, L. A. ZIMINA, G. E. ZAIKOV.     Polyurethanes in Biological Media......136
K. Z. GUMARGALIEVA, G. E. ZAIKOV.     Microkinetic Aspects of Biocompatibility and Biodegradation of Polymers. III. Mechanism of Degradation......147

Ecological tribology
J. H. HRISTOV.     Study of the Synthesis of Foam-Silicate Material from Waste Products......162

ELI M. PEARCE.     Professor Gennady Efremovich Zaikov. More Than Half a Century in Science......166
ZH. D. KALITCHIN, M. I. BONEVA.     75-th Anniversary of the Editor-in-Chief of the International ‘Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association’, Professor Dsc. Slavi Kunev Ivanov ......173