Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association
ISNN   1310-4772
Year 2013
Book 1


Concentrated force in elastic holed half-plane
S. ALACI, F. C. CIORNEI, C. FILOTE (E-mail:     The Fourier Series Expansions in Bipolar Coordinates of the Boussinesq–Cerruti Potentials and Some Consequences......1

Contact phenomenon in ball-plane contact
I. MUSCA, F.-C. CIORNEI (E-mail:     Upon Lubricated Ball-plane Impact......14

Surface roughness – ANOVA design method
E. BAGCI, S. AYKUT (E-mail:     Influence of Symmetric and Asymmetric Machining Strategies on Surface Roughness in Face Milling Process of Cobalt-based Superalloy......23

Plasma nitriding coating
O. ALPASLAN, M. GUNYUZ, E. ATAR, H. CIMENOGLU (E-mail:     Tribological Behaviour of Duplex-treated Plastic Mold Steel......37

Wear of mechanically-alloyed composites
E. GERCEKCIOGLU (E-mail:     Wear Behaviour of the Mechanically-alloyed Ma 956 Composite Material at Elevated Temperatures and Sliding Distances......44

Powder coatings
D. PETRESCU (E-mail:     Durability of Layers Deposited with Metal–Ceramics Powders Type Cr3 C2–NiCr and High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)......56

Phosphate coatings
S. ILAIYAVEL, A. VENKATESAN (E-mail:     Tribological Behaviour of Manganese Phosphate Coatings Applied to AISI D2 Steel Subjected to Annealing Treatment......65

Corrosion in the hydrofining installation
M. M. H. AL JASEEM, N. N. ANTONESCU, M. G. PETRESCU, C. ALBULESCU (E-mail:     Experimental Researches Concerning the Anticorrosive Protection of Metal Equipments of Hydrofining Installations ......76

Hybrid composites
B. STOJANOVIC, M. BABIC, S. MITROVIC, A. VENCL, N. MILORADOVIC, M. PANTIC (E-mail:     Tribological Characteristics of Aluminium Hybrid Composites Reinforced with Silicon Carbide and Graphite. A Review......83
N. MILORADOVIC, B. STOJANOVIC (E-mail:     Tribological Behaviour of ZA27/10SiC/1Gr Hybrid Composite ......97

Lubrication in the transmitters
A. ILIC, L. IVANOVIC, D. JOSIFOVIC, S. SAVIC, B. ROSIC (E-mail:     Influence of Power Transmitter Dynamic Load on Physical and Chemical Properties of Used Lubricant......106

Additives for lubricants – computer simulation
M. CENGIL, H. ADATEPE (E-mail:     Investigation of Effects of Oil Additive on Friction Coefficient for Statically Loaded Radial Journal Bearings......117

TZ. PETRANOVA, I. SHEYTANOV, S. MONOV, R. NESTOROVA, N. STOILOV, R. RASHKOV (E-mail:    Strontium Ranelate Efficacy on Back Pain and Bone Mineral Density in Patients with Postmenopausal Osteoporosis with and without Glucocorticoid Treatment......128

Polymeric materials
N. M. LIVANOVA, S. G. KARPOVA (E-mail:     Structure of Polybutadienes and Acrylonitrile–Butadiene Copolymers ......134
A. L. IORDANSKII, S. N. CHVALUN, M. A. SHCHERBINA et al.(E-mail:     Impact of Water on Structure and Segmental Mobility of PHBV–SPEU Blends......144

Machinery breakdown
S. MARKOVIC, D. JOSIFOVIC, A. ILIC (E-mail:     Influence of Technological Heritage on Tribological Properties of Active and Inactive Profiles of Gear Teeth Regenerated by TIG Welding Process......151

13th International Conference on Tribology SERBIATRIB’13, Kragujevac, Serbia, 15–17 May 2013......161